Brighter Days And A Giveaway!

Like violets, primroses, or other shade thriving flowers I too prefer the shade to the full sun. I am not one to take on the fullness of any spotlight. Actually, I prefer to shrink back and allow others to bear the breath and beauty of it. I am happy to cheer others on from the shade.

The irony that I blog about our lives and yet prefer a small, shaded life to a loud and bright one does not escape my attention but such is my reality.

Recently I felt the sun shining too much on me and I was fully prepared to walk away from it. Matter of fact, I had said out loud “I don’t want to write anymore” And it wasn’t because I have a massive following or anything like that but because I felt a myself being pulled from the shade and into the sun. I’m not a full sun kind of flower.

Shortly after making my statement about not wanting to write anymore I told three people. The first listened calmly and gave the advice to pray about it. The second listened less calmly, told me that yes I need to pray about it, but I also need to face my fear rather than hiding. The third (does this feel like Goldilocks to anyone else?) agreed with the other two but also told me if I was going to be stupid I was not allowed to talk. Mixed with aggravation they found enough grace to offer that people read my words and even if I don’t think so, my words matter to others.

But it’s bright and a little scary out in the sun!

I know we are all afraid of something. Being seen, being fully known, being misunderstood, being helpless, being too much, being not enough. My fear of stepping out and being seen hinders me on a regular basis. I push back and give in to the lie that there is someone better for the job. Surely I am not what the world needs, but then I remember what Jim asked me a few days ago when we were talking about how I felt like not enough. He said “If a friend said that to you, what would you say back?” A million things came flooding out because I see everyone else’s value and enough-ness miles and miles away but I cannot see my own. Because my own is in the shadows.

So if I see your enough-ness and you can see mine then I propose we take small steps into the sun together. Sunglasses and hats on and ready to walk out of the shadow of fears and lies and into the glory of the sun.

Now, for a fun giveaway!

A precious friend decided she wanted to sponsor a giveaway on the blog. So, that’s what we’re going to do!

One winner will receive this beautiful wood framed signboard from Smallwood Home (size 26×26).

So, how do you enter to win? It’s super easy! Go to this post on Grace and Giggle’s Facebook page, this post, and tag three friends in this post’s comments. That’s it. The winner will be selected next Sunday and announced here on the blog.


One thought on “Brighter Days And A Giveaway!

  1. Porridge for everyone! 😂 Really couldn’t help myself…I’m so proud of you for coming back out into the sun. You matter and so do your words. your perspective 😉

    I love you lots! 💕


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