Zappy Struggles

For the  past two days I’ve been thinking about what I should share with you all this week. Then, as I reflected on our current series at church it hit me. Hello, #struggles.

I think all parents can agree that we each face challenges and struggles through our kids lives, there are plenty of highs and lows. If you aren’t, e-mail me your secrets. But for the rest of us we jump through some hoops, cry some tears, dance the victory dance at the end, and sometimes do the insanity two or three times because…I don’t know…the first one was cute enough.

I decided I am going to share a story that I can laugh at NOW. At the time of the event I was just trying to not cry the “I’ve failed as a parent cry”. Which by the way, I’ve cried that particular cry A LOT.

Noah has about a million nicknames. Some of them he has had since birth or even before. Zack on the other hand only has a few despite Jim’s considerable attempts at attaching a nickname to him. The one though that has stuck and will forever be his nickname is Zappy, and if you are really loved you can call him Zappy-poo (only his cousin Kylie gets away with this one consistently).

So, how did he get the name Zappy? Picture it: Ocala, 2010. (I grew up watching the Golden Girls, what do you want from me?!) Zack was in the 5th at an itty bitty school. Upon being done with their school work he and another boy were playing with a metal chain that Zack had found out on a walk a few days before. A girl. Of course a girl, right? She suggests to these two boys that they should each take an end of the chain and at the same time put it in the socket.

Sparks flew. Power blew. Kids were burnt. And I got a phone call…

Phone rings. It’s the school.

Me: Hello?

Woman: Mrs. Scholes, this is the principal at your son’s school and I have Zackaree in the office with me.

Me: Zack? You sure? (In my defense Noah is my stinker and honestly more hotheaded.)

Principal: Yes, Zack.

Me: The older one? (He had literally never been to the office before, ever).

Principal: Yes, ma’am. As I was saying Zack is here because he and another boy used a metal chain and caused a small fire and some injuries.

Zack got on the phone and was hysterically crying, so what do I do? I called Jim 3 way and made Zack tell his Dad what happened. No way was he getting off the phone without telling Jim.

In hindsight to this conversation I should maybe again apologize to my youngest for assuming he was the arsonist. Lesson learned not to assume which kid it might be. It is fair to say though that Noah has only ever been to the office once and that was for self defense.

Zack and the other boy got suspended for a day and he spent the day writing the dictionary with the promise that if anything like this ever happened again I’d keep the notebook so he could continue his diligent work.

After school on that fateful day we of course told Noah what happened and I asked him if he would ever do anything like that. And in true Noah wit he says “Mama, I am not that stupid.”

In the days that followed I cried and apologized to his teacher who told me I was being ridiculous and to stop. While I had no problem placing the blame in the appropriate place I also felt like I had somehow failed him, I hadn’t though. So I learned no matter how many times you tell them not to stick things in a socket they may still anyway.

Whats my point? Chin up, people. Struggles happen and often we have to roll with them, but eventually you too will learn to laugh.



2 thoughts on “Zappy Struggles

  1. Glenna Watson

    I once heard Bill Gothard say “God knew how you were going to be as parents and he gave you children anyway.” That has helped me over many a hurdle!


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