No More Faking Fine Book Review

I literally stumbled across this launch team; unlike all the others that were sent to me via email or through a friend, I found Esther Fleece’s Facebook post about No More Faking Fine and its launch team entirely on my own.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure at first what I thought. The word that the book is kind of based off is “lament” and that scared me because when I think of lament pretty flowers and sunrays don’t come up. But what I learned was that on the otherside of lament is the pretty flowers and sunrays.

Esther defines lament as a passionate expression of our pain that God meets us in.

Again, this definition scared me because I have found that passionate anything usually is loud and lamenting is sad so loud sadness…nope, sorry, not for me. Boy, was I wrong! It is for me! It’s for you, too! We fake fine, brush pains aside and meander through life not stopping to deal with them. Because if we do then we have to come face to face with some truths and realities that are frankly unpleasant and it’s hard. But it is also worth it.

When we fake fine and leave lamenting at the side we damage ourselves and like Esther Fleece started to do, damage her relationship with God because she thought He didn’t want the hurts she carried. Faking fine is the chain and lament is the freedom. The art and act of lamenting pulls us down to still, calm, and near to God. It’s us crying out and waiting.

So what am I saying? Really that despite how afraid I was of the truths of this book I needed it. It’s worth every penny. It’s worth every second that it takes to read it. Don’t be flippant and arrogant as I was about the it being just another book, allow the words to soak in.

This is probably my shortest book review I’ve ever done, but I believe this book stands on its own two feet (if a book had feet).



2 thoughts on “No More Faking Fine Book Review

  1. James Scholes

    I can’t wait to get into this book now. Before I saw it on the coffee table and I was like “Hey nice co ver.” Now I want to peel the cover back and discover the magic inside.

    Liked by 1 person

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