Plant The Seeds

Well, it’s 2017 and like most blogs right now I am going to share something I learned from the year before. Actually, two things one a lesson and one a reminder.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray you all had a fantastic holiday season. We sure did. Many memories were made, entirely too much food was consumed, and a sense of thankfulness and expectancy was and now is amongst us.

Like any other year 2016 came with its fair share of ups and downs. Extreme ups and downs. Personal growth and devastating losses. Life happened. If life didn’t happen you then I want to know your magic trick because the full range of experiences landed on me. But I was reminded of a simple truth through them: perspective changes everything.

This morning Zack and I were in the car talking about 2016 and he noted that he had a “bad year” and that “only” two good things happened: he got a car and a job”. I, on the other hand, felt like it had been a good year. We were all healthy. We’ve all grown in many areas. And, we were able see the glimmer of a path for our future ahead of us. Life was good. Just as all Moms do I started pointing out some of the good that happened to him. We all need the reminders. Even in rough seasons there is beauty. Sure, we may have to dig for it and it may be buried under enormous loss and hurts, but it’s there. Or it may be under a teenage case of glass is half full or it’s empty.  Bring the rain, Lord because with it comes the freshness of new mercies.

I don’t know where or how the philosophy started that once we hit an age (not sure what the age is) we lose the ability to change. Like we’ve capped off on personal growth. I don’t know. But I refuse. Get behind thee, Satan. A friend recently recalled a story of her Mom explaining to her that her father was old and was not going to change. That he was “set in his ways” and she needed to learn to let it go. I think that’s garbage. I do. And I’m not sorry. I think people choose to stop growing and improving. It’s not that they can’t but that they won’t.

This year, I learned that a hardened heart that is slowly shown love can eventually show love back. It takes time and it takes patience but it can be done. It’s unlikely that anything drastic will happen over night but it can. Guys, I saw a sliver of love from a heart that I had never seen it from this year. It was in their own way and it was small (think a grain of sand) but it was there! So thankful! Be patient with those you think are unchanging. Keep applying a layer of love because love softens even the hardest of hearts.

So with these pieces of knowledge under my arm I ready to tackle this new year. I have big dreams for the year. I have an unknown garden inside me waiting to come forth and bloom. I am expectant. I am clinging to boldness. I am daring to be courageous. And even if things don’t come out just as I think they should a truth will always remain: I am loved and so are you.


2 thoughts on “Plant The Seeds

  1. James

    There were a lot of truth bombs to your post today but i gotta say “A garden waiting to bloom,” yup totally barrowing that. Happy New Year to you and the blog

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glenna Watson

    Wonderful words showing growth and wisdom. Our Heavenly Father has planted some special seeds in you that will be bringing forth fruit.


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