Grace: The Normal Cycle

Each of our lives have a rhythm and routine, more so when you have kids in the house, but I would imagine even when you don’t have kids there is a system to life. Because of this routine that you find and settle into you feel confortahbe just to assume things will stay along the same predictable road. Things like: your husband keeping to his pattern of cleaning out his pockets before putting his dirty clothes in the hamper or you checking his pockets before dumping the basket in the washer.

Tip #1: iPhones are not washer friendly.

I bet you can’t wait to see how this turns into more than just about an unexpected expense. But I can! Because…that’s what I do.

In the rhythms of life we turn on the normal cycle and progress in the typical. That is until the typical goes through the washer and comes out fried and useless.

Tip #2: if you have a Go All Day phone case, it will make it though the washer unscathed. 

Then your normal cycle self-sets to one of the other 9,000 pre-programmed options and your life and wash may or may not ever look the same again. Clearly this is unfortunate. I mean, who wants to step off the known and embrace a life, or in Jim’s case 3 days, of the unknown. Chaos in these situations meets you all bedazzled and ready to further see to your normal cycle being ruined.

There is good news though. We are programmed to be able to find a new normal. That’s how we survive loss. That’s how we weather storms. That’s how we handle your spouse washing your iPhone.

On that fateful day so many emotions could have washed over us. Blame could have been dispensed in equal measure but instead we found a new normal with the help of offering grace to ourself and to each other. Grace is a superhero, it saves the day. No, grace can’t fix the ruined phone or even the tilted life but it gives us a soft place to land. Grace fills the gap and carries some burden. Grace offers a new normal cycle. God gave us grace as a gift and its meant to be given and received.

So the next time you mess up or someone else messes up offer to switch to the cycle of grace. Turn the dial, and say it’s okay.



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