The Cheese Stands Alone

I can remember the whole way back to pre school and singing the Farmer and the Dell. It’s a kid song that winds down. The farmer takes a wife. The wife has a child…yes, ai still remember all the words. At the end the cheese is alone. But maybe the cheese isn’t really alone. Maybe the cheese is surrounded by fellow cheese helping him. I’m going somewhere so just take this trip with me, okay?

If you now have that song stuck in your head, know that you are in good company because so do I.

A few hours ago I got a text saying “Another positive doctor appointment we are winning” and let’s be honest even though you don’t know this person or their struggle you do know that this is good news. When I got it I welled up. Each good report is a victory. Each good report is a prayer answered.

My family has joined me in prayer for this person. Some friends have too. But even if it was just me I’d still be praying with all I have. I’d be the cheese standing alone. And you know what? I’m good with it. Because if it were me I’d gladly take the prayer of one than in that case being the lonely cheese.

But, if I am the cheese for someone else then they are never alone. They always have someone.

Can I say that I love cheese? Like if you add cheese to a meal I am most likely thinking you didn’t add enough. If add more, it’s still not enough. Always more. Always adding. Because one single piece of cheese is never going to get the job done more is always better.

So now, I’ve made you cheese too. You’re welcome. We are cheese together and with that we stand together, not alone. We add flavor. We had connection. We will in the gaps.

Lets be cheese and not let any other cheese stand alone.

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