Then God…

I am currently reading 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit (by Nicki Koziarz) with the Proverbs 31 ministries OBS, we’re currently on week 4 of 5. It’s been a great book so far, but I wanted to post about one of the chapters from last week.


The book is broke down into 5 habits derived from the book of Ruth. Now, I love Ruth. She is pretty awesome but hello it’s a short book, right? 4 chapters, it’s a short book so when I learned that the #5HabitsBook was written based on lessons learned from the book of Ruth my attention was caught.

I was all in but then when I got to chapter 5 called “This Dream Is On Fire” I really knew this book was for me! Between cute real life stories and hard truths Nicki talked in chapter 5 about how we measure life in “before and afters” moments.

Here are a few of mine…

Before we moved to Ormond

Before we got divorced.

Before I started running.

After I Jim graduated RT school.

After this amazingly hard moment.

After we moved.

But then Nicki brought a simple, even previously spoken by many of us, thought to the light. “Then God” She reminded us-me-to not only see where God has worked but also to acknowledge His movement.

Our marriage fell apart but THEN God restored it.

We were so unsure of what was next but THEN God shed some light on our path.

Noah struggled each and every day to barely pass but THEN God brought us to Ormond and gave him Katie as his amazing teacher. 

Our “then God” moments changed everything. The hurt becomes praise-able. The loss becomes bearable. The distance becomes reachable.

My prayer for each of us is that we can see and grasp onto the “then God” moments and allow them to teach us. 

What are some of your then God moments? Did you learn from them? Did you share them? Nicki doesn’t suggest we share them, but I do. When children do well at a test and they achieved something great the want to share it, right? Well, God is achieving something great in you so share it! 

**Side note: Miss Katie, I want you to know that we are forever thankful that God used you as part of Noah’s (and ours) then God story.


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