The Verbs

I’m a little late posting this week, but I am pleased to report I am completely done with another semester of school so it’s worth it to be behind!

Any who, the verbs.

A verb is an action word. It implies movement.

Maybe you’ve noticed how nouns are turning into verbs in our society, it’s a fairly new trend. Some are a good thing, maybe even a great thing while another might be not so great.

Lets look at a few of them.




At the core of each of these things, you can most definitely argue that you are DOING something when you do these things. The beautiful thing about all these verbs are they are the product of conscious effort which means they can be used correctly when desired.

Love as a verb says you are doing the act of loving, it’s an emotion. You are making a conscious effort to connect your heart to someone else. When you verb love you give more of yourself. You think of another first. You hand over the best of you in hopes that they will verb love you back. 

Adult. I have seen this a lot on social media. I have even been guilty of it, but that was before it occurred to me that we live in society that needs more of it and less of people trying to run from it. My generation especially wants to back away from responsibility, we don’t even want our kids to take responsibility. To adult, the verb, you are doing the hard things of life. You are showing up when things get hard. You are finishing that project you started. You are facing challenges. You are telling your kids that you know it’s hard but they too have to accept the responsibility of their actions. The world needs less people backing away from being an adult and more people showing up to adult.

Family is the newest verb trend that I’ve noticed and I have to say I kind of love it. Family needs to be a verb to me. There is such a breakdown in families around our word and I am not even talking about divorces. I am talking about half done parenting. I’m talking about everyone being so busy that no one truly cares what anyone else is doing. When everyone grows up and does family then big things happen! Good big things! Imagine for a second a world in which family returned to being the right kind of important. That we all showed up and did the hard work of loving and raising family. Family isn’t just blood, it’s doing life arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder; it’s accepting the hard task of weathering the storms of life as a unit. The verbs family and love almost go hand and hand because if you love well then family fits right into the hand of love.

In the end if we adult by doing love and family the best we can then we are being the best verbs we can be! Lets go show the world that this trend can be a good one because verbs show action and our actions are good!

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