Queen Anne’s Lace Flowers


As I was sitting on my porch surrounded by trees and the sound of 95 because hello…nothing says serenity like I95 whipping past your back porch. I was reflecting on two things: Queen Anne’s Lace flowers and generosity. That’s quite a I jump, I realize, but follow me for a second.

As a little girl before we moved to Florida my Gram lived with my aunt and her family on top of a mountain in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. On the side of the road leading up the house there were tons of wild flowers and wild berries. I loved the spring for the berries and the flowers! Anytime I was out playing I would bring in a fist full of Queen Anne’s Lace, they were my favorite wild flower because if they were put in water with food dye they changed colors. For a child that had not yet experienced a Nintendo (because this was the olden days)  this was about as cool as things got! If Gram would let me I would have a flower in every color possible. I loved them and I always thought the dye made them even more lovely.


So, what does this got to do with generosity? Well, people, specifically kids soak up the the things around them just like those flowers. They pull in all the little moments and then show their newfound beauty the world.

This morning Zack and I made a trip to the grocery store for the stuff for dinner. Just as I got in line I realized I had forgotten celery and sent him to go get it. While he was gone I realized it was my turn to check out, but as I got up to the register I realized the lady in front of me did not take her things. The cashier was bagging them and putting the receipt in the bag, but the lady was gone. I asked the cashier to please ring up the receipt and I would like to pay for the lady’s groceries. Before that could be done the woman returned with a few things she apparently forgot and I told her to give them to the cashier because I was buying her groceries. As she left, nearly bouncing, she gave me a hug and said God bless. That’s when I saw Zack, he had seen the whole thing, I didn’t realize he was back.

I did not do this gesture for him to see it, nor am I telling you so that you can know I am awesome (which I am, but not for this). I did it because generosity is a “good dye” that has soaked into me and I am praying will soak into others around me. It envelopes our souls and leaves us forever changed and even a little more lovely.

If I want my kids to soak anything in it’d be that: the good dyes.

The authentic moments.

The kind gestures.

The true friendships.

The loyalty of family.

The safety of Jesus.

The more of the goodness we all soak in the less room we have for burdened down souls. When we fill up, soak in, and release this beauty in the world we are actually beautifying the world around us. We are bringing out the enchanting parts of who we are.



2 thoughts on “Queen Anne’s Lace Flowers

  1. Hi!
    Enjoyed reading! But just a little side note here…in the picture I believe that is poison hemlock or fools parsley, not queens annes lace. They look very similar…
    Bless you…


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