Insanity, anyone?

Can I be real with y’all? I’m a little crazy. Maybe even a bit more than a little. And maybe your crazy looks like mine. Or maybe you have your own craziness. I wonder though, do any of these sound like something you might do?

  1. I lose it. I mean LOSE IT if a cabinet is left open. Jesus help you if you leave one of my kitchen cabinets open. I don’t care if you are sick, asleep, or anything else when I discover it…you will hear about it and be made to go fix your transgression. The struggle is real! Let me put the cabinets into perspective for you: Jim said if I die first he is opening every cabinet and smile because he knows that’d drive me nuts even in heaven. See what I have to deal with? They do it on purpose!
  2. Towel folding is an art form that is not appropriately respected in my home by anyone but myself. I have been known to unfold and REFOLD towels because someone did not do it right. 
  3. My desk is just that…MY desk. I know this sounds mean but that area I have been working hard to create an area where I can write and study, it is not anyone else’s dumping ground. Jim left a pile of his scrubs on it a few weeks ago and we had a discussion about how he had about 9 million other places he can pile things but my desk was not one of them.
  4. The last (or last that I am mentioning) is the pesky ordeal of placement of functional objects, like say for example: bowls on the top shelf. Hello, I am 5’1! I can’t reach the top shelf! I barely can see the back of the top shelf. I have to do this backup, stand on my tiptoes and hop thing to see what’s up there. So why in the world would anyone put useful items on the top shelf? Is it because they like hearing “short girl problems!” or do they like having to be pulled away from their game/movie/book/girlfriend/ iPad or whatever else they may be doing. This is more of a kid thing, husband has wised up over the years. And while this does not illicit the same cabinet door reaction, it does annoy me like crazy. Which may or may not be the reason they do it.

Yep, so am I wacko? Maybe. But in my insanity I have learned a few things. First off, I know for a fact I am not alone because my best friend shares several of my crazy tendencies. Second, even in these seemingly small areas grace can (and probably should) be deployed. I’m working on that. Generally with the desk and towel issue I can offer grace pretty easy but oh..those cabinets. As I work on this whole grace deal I am settling for simply not freaking out quite so much. Besides, it is true…

Mama aint happy

On a regular basis Jim and I have to remind ourselves with the boys to “choose our battles”, not fight the small stuff and though the cabinets being left open or stuff is deliberately outside my reach is annoying it’s also very minor. So the third thing I learned is gratefulness wipes away annoyance. Really, it does!

As I get frustrated about my desk I try to remember that not everyone has a husband who is willing to give up a small piece of their small home for their wife to have a place to cultivate her gift. That tiny area in our room could have been used for something else but because I asked that we do this he not only said yes, but bought the desk, assembled the desk, and helped me set the area up in a way that is pleasing to me.

When it comes to the towels I have a very simple plan that seems to work best: just don’t look. The kid’s linen closet ALWAY looks like a bomb went off and some towels are folded my way, some are folded not my way, and some are not folded at all. I walk away. I don’t even look, I just say a quick thank you to God for having running water, space that looks like tornado went through it, and two teenagers that like to push the boundaries of perfectly good hair dye.

When I go to make dinner and one of the 3 other people in my home that are taller than me put the mixing bowl on the top shelf I take time to be thankful for that too. I am thankful that I have 3 incredible people living here. This season is speeding by so fast and now is the time to learn to find more humor and less annoyance.

And the cabinets, the crux of my insanity. I am thankful that we have a home, we have cabinets, we have stuff to put IN the cabinets. This doesn’t entirely cure my cabinet insanity but it does slow my roll just a bit.

At the end of the day we have a home that is filled with people, animals, things and books (because you always need books, duh) and so maybe the cabinets being left open won’t cause the rapture, but if it does… just know MY kids did it.



6 thoughts on “Insanity, anyone?

  1. Barbara

    I share each one of these ‘crazy’ things. .and although it can and does still make me snap my chain. .i remember how blessed I am that someone visits me. ..
    Therapy helped A LOT.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a perfectly fair question. Yes, why not? Last night, just to see what would happen Jim opened all the cabinets and when I said “What are you doing?!” he turned gave me the most adorable grin and said “looking for something”. Oh that guy!


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