Brazen Launch Day Book Review

Happy Book Birthday, Brazen! Today Brazen launches into the world, showing up and playing her part in helping all that are bold enough, brazen enough, to open her pages and enter in.

I have learned to love launch days even more now because I get to play some small part in the process.

It might just be me and my weirdness, but does anyone lay in bed “writing” in their head what they may want to say later? Gosh, I hope I’m not the only one! Last night as I was mentally prewiring (which, by the way, rarely ever works because I forget what I pre-wrote) but I was so pleased with the direction this review was taking. And yet, here I sit going… “what was it I wanted to say?”

Welcome to the inner workings of my head. Scary stuff.

With my pink highlighter in tow I was reading to dig deeply into Leeana Tankersley’s Brazen with high hopes of learning and growing as I jotted down thoughts and highlighted the things that jumped out to me, the thoughts and quotes that spoke to some part of me, the Brazen part of me. Brazen in no way disappointed! I’ve spent more time self-reflecting with this book than I have with any other.

Each chapter called me deeper into my “Created Center” which Leeana says this about our Created Center “I believer this untouchable place inside you is the part of your being where God himself put his hands in the wet concrete of your existence and said “You are formed in my image” and “it is good.”” Don’t you just love that?!

Sure, I already knew I was created in His image and sure I knew that I was created for more than blending in but it wasn’t until Brazen came into my life that I realized that I was out living out my “God-given Wild” or casting my net into the world with any purpose. I wish I could say I was, but I wasn’t. And how do I know I wasn’t? Because of the past 2 years Jim has been begging me to start writing a book. I mean, BEGGING but I keep blowing him off. Yep. Sure do. Why? Because I thought my Brazen color was beige, to blend in and just kind of exist. Because he knew long before I did that my color is more of vibrant purple than beige!

I am sure you’re wondering what in the world I am talking about, right? In chapter 2 Leeana gives us the definition of brazen, which is “without shame”. Sounds good, right? To live without shame is almost dream like. Because if I live without shame then I have to lay down these things and pick up my brazen and well… I’m not THAT bold. But to be sitting here, writing this to you, then I guess I am a little brighter than beige. You see, in Brazen it is suggested that we each have a brazen color. A color that shares who we are. A color that pops up and shines. We were challenged to find our brazen color by closing our eyes and thinking about what we imagined when we saw brazen. Your color might be your favorite color or it may not. Mine is.

My Brazen color is purple which probably not does not shock anyone. Purple calls me. It soothes me. It pushes me.

As I reflecting on my Brazen color I took a look around my space in the house. I don’t share my color much because I living in a house with 3 other people that do not consider purple to be as lovely as I do. But I did find is within my favorite places you find my purple-my Brazen. My Bible is purple. My sheets are purple. My notebook is purple. My pen is…purple. Within a life of “boy colors” my color shines through in it’s own little ways, just like I do in a large world that I don’t always feel like I fit in.

How can you get your hands on this amazing book? It’s available on Amazon as well as anywhere else that books are sold.

Normally I do a launch day give away, but this time I just did not get this blog out on time. But I still would love to gift someone with a copy. So, e-mail me at telling me what your Brazen color is and we’ll enter you in to win a copy of the book. I’ll randomly select one winner by Friday, April 8th.



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