The Verbs

I’m a little late posting this week, but I am pleased to report I am completely done with another semester of school so it’s worth it to be behind!

Any who, the verbs.

A verb is an action word. It implies movement.

Maybe you’ve noticed how nouns are turning into verbs in our society, it’s a fairly new trend. Some are a good thing, maybe even a great thing while another might be not so great.

Lets look at a few of them.




At the core of each of these things, you can most definitely argue that you are DOING something when you do these things. The beautiful thing about all these verbs are they are the product of conscious effort which means they can be used correctly when desired.

Love as a verb says you are doing the act of loving, it’s an emotion. You are making a conscious effort to connect your heart to someone else. When you verb love you give more of yourself. You think of another first. You hand over the best of you in hopes that they will verb love you back. 

Adult. I have seen this a lot on social media. I have even been guilty of it, but that was before it occurred to me that we live in society that needs more of it and less of people trying to run from it. My generation especially wants to back away from responsibility, we don’t even want our kids to take responsibility. To adult, the verb, you are doing the hard things of life. You are showing up when things get hard. You are finishing that project you started. You are facing challenges. You are telling your kids that you know it’s hard but they too have to accept the responsibility of their actions. The world needs less people backing away from being an adult and more people showing up to adult.

Family is the newest verb trend that I’ve noticed and I have to say I kind of love it. Family needs to be a verb to me. There is such a breakdown in families around our word and I am not even talking about divorces. I am talking about half done parenting. I’m talking about everyone being so busy that no one truly cares what anyone else is doing. When everyone grows up and does family then big things happen! Good big things! Imagine for a second a world in which family returned to being the right kind of important. That we all showed up and did the hard work of loving and raising family. Family isn’t just blood, it’s doing life arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder; it’s accepting the hard task of weathering the storms of life as a unit. The verbs family and love almost go hand and hand because if you love well then family fits right into the hand of love.

In the end if we adult by doing love and family the best we can then we are being the best verbs we can be! Lets go show the world that this trend can be a good one because verbs show action and our actions are good!


Queen Anne’s Lace Flowers


As I was sitting on my porch surrounded by trees and the sound of 95 because hello…nothing says serenity like I95 whipping past your back porch. I was reflecting on two things: Queen Anne’s Lace flowers and generosity. That’s quite a I jump, I realize, but follow me for a second.

As a little girl before we moved to Florida my Gram lived with my aunt and her family on top of a mountain in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. On the side of the road leading up the house there were tons of wild flowers and wild berries. I loved the spring for the berries and the flowers! Anytime I was out playing I would bring in a fist full of Queen Anne’s Lace, they were my favorite wild flower because if they were put in water with food dye they changed colors. For a child that had not yet experienced a Nintendo (because this was the olden days)  this was about as cool as things got! If Gram would let me I would have a flower in every color possible. I loved them and I always thought the dye made them even more lovely.


So, what does this got to do with generosity? Well, people, specifically kids soak up the the things around them just like those flowers. They pull in all the little moments and then show their newfound beauty the world.

This morning Zack and I made a trip to the grocery store for the stuff for dinner. Just as I got in line I realized I had forgotten celery and sent him to go get it. While he was gone I realized it was my turn to check out, but as I got up to the register I realized the lady in front of me did not take her things. The cashier was bagging them and putting the receipt in the bag, but the lady was gone. I asked the cashier to please ring up the receipt and I would like to pay for the lady’s groceries. Before that could be done the woman returned with a few things she apparently forgot and I told her to give them to the cashier because I was buying her groceries. As she left, nearly bouncing, she gave me a hug and said God bless. That’s when I saw Zack, he had seen the whole thing, I didn’t realize he was back.

I did not do this gesture for him to see it, nor am I telling you so that you can know I am awesome (which I am, but not for this). I did it because generosity is a “good dye” that has soaked into me and I am praying will soak into others around me. It envelopes our souls and leaves us forever changed and even a little more lovely.

If I want my kids to soak anything in it’d be that: the good dyes.

The authentic moments.

The kind gestures.

The true friendships.

The loyalty of family.

The safety of Jesus.

The more of the goodness we all soak in the less room we have for burdened down souls. When we fill up, soak in, and release this beauty in the world we are actually beautifying the world around us. We are bringing out the enchanting parts of who we are.


Insanity, anyone?

Can I be real with y’all? I’m a little crazy. Maybe even a bit more than a little. And maybe your crazy looks like mine. Or maybe you have your own craziness. I wonder though, do any of these sound like something you might do?

  1. I lose it. I mean LOSE IT if a cabinet is left open. Jesus help you if you leave one of my kitchen cabinets open. I don’t care if you are sick, asleep, or anything else when I discover it…you will hear about it and be made to go fix your transgression. The struggle is real! Let me put the cabinets into perspective for you: Jim said if I die first he is opening every cabinet and smile because he knows that’d drive me nuts even in heaven. See what I have to deal with? They do it on purpose!
  2. Towel folding is an art form that is not appropriately respected in my home by anyone but myself. I have been known to unfold and REFOLD towels because someone did not do it right. 
  3. My desk is just that…MY desk. I know this sounds mean but that area I have been working hard to create an area where I can write and study, it is not anyone else’s dumping ground. Jim left a pile of his scrubs on it a few weeks ago and we had a discussion about how he had about 9 million other places he can pile things but my desk was not one of them.
  4. The last (or last that I am mentioning) is the pesky ordeal of placement of functional objects, like say for example: bowls on the top shelf. Hello, I am 5’1! I can’t reach the top shelf! I barely can see the back of the top shelf. I have to do this backup, stand on my tiptoes and hop thing to see what’s up there. So why in the world would anyone put useful items on the top shelf? Is it because they like hearing “short girl problems!” or do they like having to be pulled away from their game/movie/book/girlfriend/ iPad or whatever else they may be doing. This is more of a kid thing, husband has wised up over the years. And while this does not illicit the same cabinet door reaction, it does annoy me like crazy. Which may or may not be the reason they do it.

Yep, so am I wacko? Maybe. But in my insanity I have learned a few things. First off, I know for a fact I am not alone because my best friend shares several of my crazy tendencies. Second, even in these seemingly small areas grace can (and probably should) be deployed. I’m working on that. Generally with the desk and towel issue I can offer grace pretty easy but oh..those cabinets. As I work on this whole grace deal I am settling for simply not freaking out quite so much. Besides, it is true…

Mama aint happy

On a regular basis Jim and I have to remind ourselves with the boys to “choose our battles”, not fight the small stuff and though the cabinets being left open or stuff is deliberately outside my reach is annoying it’s also very minor. So the third thing I learned is gratefulness wipes away annoyance. Really, it does!

As I get frustrated about my desk I try to remember that not everyone has a husband who is willing to give up a small piece of their small home for their wife to have a place to cultivate her gift. That tiny area in our room could have been used for something else but because I asked that we do this he not only said yes, but bought the desk, assembled the desk, and helped me set the area up in a way that is pleasing to me.

When it comes to the towels I have a very simple plan that seems to work best: just don’t look. The kid’s linen closet ALWAY looks like a bomb went off and some towels are folded my way, some are folded not my way, and some are not folded at all. I walk away. I don’t even look, I just say a quick thank you to God for having running water, space that looks like tornado went through it, and two teenagers that like to push the boundaries of perfectly good hair dye.

When I go to make dinner and one of the 3 other people in my home that are taller than me put the mixing bowl on the top shelf I take time to be thankful for that too. I am thankful that I have 3 incredible people living here. This season is speeding by so fast and now is the time to learn to find more humor and less annoyance.

And the cabinets, the crux of my insanity. I am thankful that we have a home, we have cabinets, we have stuff to put IN the cabinets. This doesn’t entirely cure my cabinet insanity but it does slow my roll just a bit.

At the end of the day we have a home that is filled with people, animals, things and books (because you always need books, duh) and so maybe the cabinets being left open won’t cause the rapture, but if it does… just know MY kids did it.