Not Your Ordinary Road Trip

As I said in my last post Zack got a car! We are fully and freely mobile which has been fantastic! He got the car on a Thursday and by Monday we were on our first mini road trip to St. Augustine. Our boys had never really experienced much of the city that Jim and I called home for almost a decade.

I was navigator and while I know some of you are making the blind girl jokes about navigating I will say this for myself: I have an uncanny ability to know directions and none of it has to do with a GPS.

We chose that Monday for a specific purpose.

That Monday was in the middle of a yearly, two-week long dedication to aborted babies. 4,000 crosses are put out on the grounds of Mission Nombre de Dios by the St. Gerard Campus.

As a teenager I remember going to visit the site with youth group friends. Our instructor would have us “find our cross” which meant we started at the bottom left corner and went across the row the number of months in our birthday, then we went up the how many days into the month our birthday fell, then across again the number of years. So for me, my birthday is 2/15/80, I went across 2, up 15, and across again 80. The 80th cross was mine to stop and pray over.

Fast forward 20 years I am back at that corner cross explaining to my own children how to find their crosses, the significance of these crosses, and why honoring them by praying over them is important. The emotion that came with standing there with my own family is hard to describe. Zack was unplanned, I was 18 and still in high school, my amazing son could have very easily been the product of the same decision that brought about the end of many other baby’s lives.

Mission Crosses

Life is important. Let me say it this way: ALL LIVES MATTER.

I was the last to be done (because I was the last to start, I stopped to snap a pic, duh!) but on my way to catch up to my family I heard my wise husband say to Zack that “these crosses don’t represent bad people, but poor choices. Anyone can make a poor choice, not everyone is bad.” So much wisdom in his words! As we push and pull to raise kids that appreciate life, that spread their love, and give freely to others I am reminded that not everyone knows they have choices. Not everyone feels like they are celebrated and free in their own homes, in their own skin.

Sometimes it’s not about the people around us but the person that lives in our heads, us. We are often our worst enemies. We shout ourselves down with lies.

Now, before anyone bashes me I do want to point out that not all abortions are as simple as loving yourself and your baby. I get it. See, amongst the 4,000 crosses are some that have a red on them. Those are the ones that get me. Those count for babies aborted after a rape. Those poor Mamas and babies! Both forever changed by someone else’s selfish decision. Pray for them.

We are not defined by the choices we make, but we are defined by what we choose to do with them. If we learn and grow from them then we’ve won. But if we just walk by, don’t say a prayer, don’t love just a little longer then nothing is won and even more is lost.



I’m Back!

Spring has sprung! It’s been forever since I’ve posted! I lost my consistency streak when we all were sick back in February and I just haven’t been able to get my motivation and drive to work together since then. But that changes NOW.

I’ve been reflecting on all the things that happened and I have learned while I was MIA and I’ve decided to share them with you though give me grace for my erratic list.

  1. I joined and completed another book launch, this time for Sisi by Allison Pataki. Sisi is a historical fiction novel based on the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary. To be honest it was not my favorite read ever, but being part of the launch team taught me a few lessons that I will take on to my next launch team.
  2. Speaking of the “next” launch team…I just got the notice last Monday that I was chosen to help launch Brazen by Leeana Tankersley. I am super excited about participating in my fourth launch team, be on the look out for a book review in the coming weeks. I haven’t even gotten my copy yet though members of the group or tormenting me with lovely photos of theirs.
  3. Zack got a car and a job! We are praising God for His faithfulness through both processes!
  4. Both kids ended the 3rd quarter on honor roll! Yay! They both worked very hard for their final grades.
  5. Teenagers test the limits of good hair dye and often win the battle. Yes, I made a hair appt. Fyi: if your husband asks you when you have a hair appointment, this means the teenager has won at least part of the battle.
  6. I am co-leading my second Good Morning Girls Bible Study! For this “semester” we are learning and growing in the book of Mark as we prepare for Easter. I am incredibly grateful to have a fabulous, wise, and Godly co-leader that makes me laugh but also challenges me in my walk. I will forever be grateful to get to walk this life with her.
  7. Road trips are the perfect excuse to let your kids skip school. Sometimes you just have to let go and have some fun while teaching them about life and tradition. (this topic will have it’s own post soon, I hope)
  8. I loathe elections and cannot wait for them to be over.
  9. We found a new church! It’s kind of a church-ini but we love it! After the vastness of MBC we weren’t sure if we could ever go back to a small church but we have found a home in this tiny church that welcomed us with loving, open arms.
  10. I was suckered into getting yet another pet-a fish this time. His name is Murphy. Noah weaseled his way into me agreeing by saying it’d be great for his science project, but ultimately he bagged his Dad which left me which little choice. I keeps saying ‘no more pets” but I think they all are deaf to those words.
  11. I was reminded how important it is to guard against making big decisions while upset or hurt, they rarely work out well. (This too will have it’s own post soon)
  12. Last one! Zack was inducted into the National Honor Society! Proud of our boy!

Overall it was a good unplanned sabbatical. I learned some things, I cried some tears, I rejoiced in some victories, and I loved my people through all of it. Our days are not promised to be perfect but the promise is in never walking them alone.