Be A Shield

Proverbs 4:23 says:

Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.

I’ve heard it many times over that the enemy loves attacking marriages the most because a strong, united marriage can be a force- a ministry. Strong marriages carry the banner of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and a deeper love than any other so of course the enemy would want to stop THAT in it’s tracks. But lets be honest, sometimes we let him win this war rather than turning our marriages over to Jesus and allowing Him to bring victory in this area of our lives. Marriage is a war, two people daily fighting for their marriage despite a crumbling world around them.

Jim and I are guilty of this. We allowed sin and the enemy rip us apart. Our marriage is a beautiful story of redemption. So now it’s our hope and prayer that we can help others to build God honoring relationships and marriages.

Pay attention to special training.

We pay a lot of attention to others guard their hearts and their marriages. Taking special note of the strategies that are put in place to secure a safe haven for love to grow.

Credit: Fierce Marriage


Build a trench.

One friend recognizes how he for “a long time” did not honor his wife by whom he was around so now he has set a rule that if he is in a room/house/any where not in the open with another woman then his wife must be present even if there are other men there (including the husband of the woman present). It might seem like he has gone “too far” but it’s what he has to do for his wife and his marriage.

Know the enemy.

Another friend chooses to shut his cell phone off when he is with his family. His phone is not just a personal phone, but also his work phone so switching it off and focusing on those that matter most is his way of guarding and protecting this valuable relationship.  He knows the enemy in time with his family is his phone, by shutting it off he shows his family without words but by action that they are more important.

Stay in your own camp.

Jim does not text other women. If he needs information or something from a woman he has me handle it. As he says “I deal with the men and she deals with the women, it’s how we stay accountable.” It’s how we honor each other.

My point is simple: if we guard and protect this precious relationship we are in turn working to also cultivate many healthy relationships. When we allow our own sin, short comings, and others to breakdown our marriages we are setting ourselves up for trouble.



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