Breaking Busy Book Review!



I didn’t send out Christmas cards this year…because I was too busy.

I didn’t bake all the cookies I wanted to for the holidays this year…because I was too busy.

We didn’t even have family pictures done this year…because we were too busy.

See a trend? Busy has become a way of life in this house. Between two teenagers, Jim’s new job, my being in school, the wedding, and all the other unforeseen but unavoidable things I needed to learn to Break Busy and break it fast!

I cannot tell you how many times I have remembered at 10pm that I was supposed to call so-and-so but I got busy and forgot. I am not being intentionally rude, just busy.

So when I signed up for the launch team for Alli Worthington’s Breaking Busy I knew the time and season were perfect! I mean, how can it not be written for me when the subtitle is “How To Find Peace & Purpose In A World of Crazy?”

Within the first few paragraphs Alli had me rolling with laughter, I loved her immediately. She’s my kind of people! She brings warmth and wisdom while sharing her heart in a beautifully authentic way. Life is not always pretty. Life is not always easy.

So often I am dead in the water when it comes to making decisions. I hate making big decisions and while I have gotten some (I am being generous with “some”) better decision making is not my strong area. Then, I got to chapter 8 in Breaking Busy and I saw it was a whole chapter on decision making, I was like “She loves me and wrote this for me even though we don’t know each other!” lol Truth.

It’s no shock to me to know that the inability to make a decision causes an influx of wasted time. Alli shared such a sweet nugget of wisdom when in this chapter she introduced me to her decision making framework. 5 F’s and my life is forever helped and change. Faith, family, future, fulfillment, and friends. Each step guiding me from the debilitating indecision I generally have to freedom. Freedom to know how to tackle even the most daunting of decisions. Running through the decisions (not what’s for dinner, but life changing stuff) through the 5 F’s as though they are a filter catching the poor decisions and allowing the live-giving freedom of a good decision to move forward.

Because I believe in the message of Breaking Busy I have decided that to do another book giveaway. This time a winner will be randomly chosen from those that like AND share this post from Grace and Giggles Facebook page, the winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 12 at 4pm.

Don’t forget though that you can preorder your copy, which releases on January 26th, of Breaking Busy at AmazonBarnes and NobleZondervan, or your favorite book retailer. Also, because free stuff always rocks there are tons of free downloads on Alli Worthington’s Breaking Busy site.




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