The Unseen

There is always beauty to be seen. Even on rainy, nasty days you can find something lovely that makes you smile. Granted you might have to find it indoors, or inside another person but the beauty is there to be seen and experienced. So often a rough morning, an unkind word, or even a rainy day causes us to forget that there is still beauty both within us and around us.

A few months ago Jim and I took a walk from the beach back to our apartment, 5+ miles. Why? Because Jim thought it’d be a good idea and I am so completely in love with spending time with him that i agreed.

Only a few blocks into our walk we came upon a sign that said “park closes at sundown.” We were on a main road with no park around us, but the sign was nestled in some trees with a path in front of it going left and right. I turned and asked Jim if we could PLEASE take a detour… I love parks and because I’m nosey.

I wasn’t prepared for the beauty we found hidden right off Granada. Just a few feet within the park, or well, really it’s a garden. It’s lovely! A few more feet in and you forget that Ormond Beach is just on the other side of the trees. Beauty was hidden from those traveling to and from the beach.

I was captivated by this secret garden.

I’ve been told since then that people who have lived here for awhile know of this place well and weddings are often held there and I can see why!

Hidden in Ormond

That day I realized I want to be like that park. I want beauty to be hidden within me for others to find much more than I want it seen on my face. There is nothing wrong with outward beauty but it’s just that… outward. It doesn’t tell others who I am. It doesn’t show my love for Jim and the boys or Jesus. It doesn’t allow you in to the deepest part of me, the part where hope, love, and joy find their home. Inside is where faith and love create beauty.

Sure I love to look beautiful on the outside. I loved looking beautiful on my wedding day but it wasn’t long after my gown came off that Cinderella turned back into a wife and Mama with messy hair and flip flops, because flip flops are just who I am on the outside.

In the morning as we prepare our outer beauty lets consider what we might do to help our inner beauty shine through. Who can we help today? Who can we serve, even in the smallest of ways? Who needs encouragement or a little extra love? Shine and share the love that is deep within you!



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