Here I Sit….


My first final is tomorrow, but all I keep thinking about is Grace and Giggles, where I want it to go in the next year. I feel as though writing is something I am supposed to be doing. In what capacity? I’m not sure, but I do know something comes alive in me when I sit and share with you all. No matter if there is one of you or 100, there is a connection.

I love people. I love doing life with those around me, even when life is ugly. So in that spirit I’m going to share what life has been like in a very small nutshell this year.

A bit of a 2015 look back:

  1. 35 found me and hit hard. In all honesty it’s been both one of the best years and one of the hardest. I’ve participated in two book launches and loved every second of them. I have felt great loss and great victory. It’s definitely been a crisis and process year.
  2. Just 10 days before I turned 35 my big (considerably taller than me) little brother committed suicide. Life is real, ya’ll. And it is fleeting. I learned through his death that the words you are afraid to say are better said than regretted later. Suck it up, be real, but don’t hold back. Tell them the hard, important things. I had wrote my brother a letter but never mailed it because I was too scared. Don’t make my mistake.
  3. Jim graduated, passed his boards, became a Registered Respiratory Therapist! 2 years of dedication payed off in a big way. He now has a full time job at a local hospital.
  4. Zack is officially a licensed driver…shut the front door! I have a 16 year old!
  5. Noah turned 13, that’s TWO teenagers under our roof-pray for us!
  6. Jim and I dedicated 2015 to consistency when it comes to praying together and we have achieved our goal! Onward to 2016!
  7. I went back to school. I have already gotten one certificate and am headed towards a second and my degree, I hope. This semester, I’m not even going to lie. has not been easy. Science minded I am not.
  8. I got to see my best friend TWICE in one year. This deserves to be on this list for no other reason than it had been 7 years since the last time we got to see each other. Totally list worthy.
  9. We did not move back to Ocala, but stayed in Ormond Beach and we’ve decided to stay here until we are called somewhere else though we both have agreed that Ormond does not feel like t’s our forever home though we have all made some forever friends here.
  10. I saved the best for last… JIM AND I GOT REMARRIED THIS YEAR! Yea, so I haven’t blogged about that yet but be looking out for it soon! See? Total procrastinator! I need procrastinator’s support group, seriously! I have a problem.

Here’s a sneak peek picture from the wedding.


So what’s next? I have no idea! I do know Grace and Giggles is going to be a registered site in the early part of 2016 and I am ready to fulfill the call on my life to write. As for any big plans…just living and loving day by day.




2 thoughts on “Here I Sit….

  1. James

    I loved this post. I love how real you are with everyone. I just can’t wait to see what God has in store for Grace and giggles in the new year.


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