The Bowl

Prayer Bowl


I’ve known Jim since I was 11. That’s just over two decades of him being the boy of my dreams under our belts! It stands to reason that we’ve experienced some pretty incredible moments together, right?

Well, we haven’t capped that bar yet and I am believing there is much more to come!

I want to tell you about the bowl that changed our prayer life. Really, it’s Jim’s bowl but by some sweet miracle he allows me into that space with him.

Let me back up.

Several months ago Jim mentioned to me after going to church one Sunday that he wished that he had something to hold in his hands when he prays. He said “You know, like when Pastor Tim tells us to cup our hands as to receive? Well, I want a bowl to hold when I’m home and praying.”

Challenge Accepted. I take a lot of joy in serving him and helping him when I can with whatever he needs, even seeking out a bowl.

A few weeks later we were home watching church online and Pastor was wrapping up service. I knew prayer was coming so I jumped up and ran to the kitchen to find a bowl (which to that point we had not found one that Jim liked). I grabbed this little brown bowl that someone had given us as a gift for Christmas last year. It’s not much bigger than the cup that Jim would make with his big hands but it fit what he felt he was missing.

The next Sunday I was sitting on the floor in front of Jim as we watched service at home again, when prayer time came he grabbed his bowl and cupped my little hands around the bowl and his around mine.

In that moment, that space was completely filled with the spirit and was ours. Giving our individual prayers up to the Lord but still sharing in something deeply intimate. With his hands on top of mine, us receiving together connected us in a new way and while we usually don’t pray with that bowl but during church we do find in that time a new element to our prayers is tangible.

I never imagined that we could be closer in our prayer life. I always feel close to Jim when praying but I am so thankful for whatever nudging the Lord placed on his that lead Jim to wanting the bowl.

For anyone that has an idea but just isn’t sure..give it a try! You never know if it’s the thing you’ve been missing if you don’t give it a try.


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