Who do you allow to speak into your life?

Who do you trust to speak into the life of your child(ren)?

Consider this: our words are a compass for another person. They guide and instruct when all you thought you were doing was talking. Everyone can hear you. So, what are you saying? What’s being said to you? To your kids?

I’m not even going to lie, after someone has given one of my boys some advice that I felt was not appropriate I have gone behind that person and corrected their mistake. Sorry, but not really sorry. I’m in a battle for the lives of my kids and the lives of the generations to come, I can’t allow poor guidance to change the course they are on.

Now I know that I won’t always be able to step in and fix the situations. But I also know if they learn now who to give permission to and who not to then the match is set.

My boys play chess regularly, they strategically place their pieces in such a way to best defeat the other. That’s what I’m doing too, only my pieces are real, kind of like Wizard’s Chess. When you play chess you are defending the king, right? Well in this house, in this game, there are actually two kings: my sons. Everything Jim and I do is for the better of the kings and that includes fighting for them.

The pieces helping us to protect the kings are friends and family. It’s a serious role being in the life of a teenager. If you think your Mama had eyes on the back of your head then you have not met a teenager, they have superpowers in their eyes. They see everything which if you are doing what’s right then they are learning a good lesson, but if you aren’t then prepare for a problem.

Unlike in the real game of chess Jim and I get to choose the pieces to help us defend the kings. Hand selected not for perfection, but for the lessons that can be taught. We also have chosen some audience members to watch so that hopefully they can learn to play the game too.

How to chose your pieces:

  1. Pray. Ask God to guide you to the people that are best suited for this job. He knows them and He knows you. He loves your kids far more than you can, trust HIm.
  2. Know their hearts. The people we have positioned to defend the kings are people that want the best for others. They are authentic in their own lives and are setting up their own chess boards for their kids.
  3. Watch their actions. Actions speak louder than words. Watch how they behave when they think no one is watching. Are their words and actions matching up? If not, sorry but this battle is too important for a half done job.
  4. Take a close look at their families. Get to know the whole family. What are the relationships like? Are they really thriving or is that just what they want everyone to think?
  5. Invest in them. Don’t just look at the other players, but get to really know them. Invest in them and their families.

I don’t know how all the matches will come out, but I know we’ve picked some great pieces. Don’t be afraid to fight for your families!

Above all, remember the Lord is with you and guiding you, He’s the greatest chess piece of them all!

Exodus 14:14 says: The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest.


5 thoughts on “Checkmate

  1. Debbie

    Think this is my favorite post! Love the heart of it; caring, love and guidance for all; and the abundence of love for not only our MOGITs but all children. As always lovingly grateful, to God, for the mother of my grandchildren!!!


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