From Our Kitchen Table

Oh, How I love dinner! It’s my favorite meal of the day, but not because of the food (though that’s awesome too)-my family all sitting at the table enjoying each other and having great conversations. It’s amazing what I have learned about Jim and the boys while eating dinner.

Ever since Jim and I moved in together we have sat at the table to have dinner. Now, some 16 years and two kids later we still rarely miss a night at the table. Even when on vacation we still all sit down for dinner together. Everyone can do pretty much whatever all day, but dinner time is family time.

So what makes our dinner time so perfect? The conversation.

About a year ago we instituted “Bag Questions,” simple and yet fun. Heres how it works: We each write (at least) 5 questions on index cards (one question per card). The questions can be on any topic the writer chooses. Then, at dinner time the drawer of the day pulls out one question at a time (no more than 3 a day), they read the question, answer first and then we go around the table giving our thoughts on whatever the subject may be.

Here are a few of my favorite questions that have come out of the bag:

*If you are stranded on a deserted island with only one book what would it be?

*If there was a zombie apocalypse where would you find refuge?

*If Jesus comes back during the zombie apocalypse do the zombies turn back into humans and go to the New Jerusalem too?

*What’s your favorite book of the Bible and why?

*What’s your love language?

Dinner time is precious time. We have laughed, cried and grown as a family around our dinner table. For that space of time nothing else matters. I’d like to think that our special dinner time tradition will one day have paved the way for the next generation of memory making.

I double- no, I triple dog dare you to make dinner time (or lunch, or breakfast-whatever works for your family) your special time too. Busy lives and fun activities are fantastic, but you’ll find that connecting at the table is so much more life-giving!


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