Joy Unhindered

Joy. Life is full of joyful moments. Births, weddings, graduations, and so much more. Sometimes though we miss the joy moment in the midst of the chaos and insanity of a busy life. I challenge myself and you to slow down and find the joy in the little things.

Not too long ago I was at the Drs office with Jim. He went back to see the Doctor and I spent my next few minutes completely mesmerized by a two year old little boy that was all together unconcerned by my presence or anyone else in the room- he was on a mission to explore. Bouncing from one end of the room (or as far as his Dad would let him go) to the other.

Little man was so happy. No, he was so joyful! All smiles and relentless in his pursuit for adventure.

His Dad and I began talking. He told me his son was profoundly deaf and his cochlear implant did nothing to help. His face hung a little and I saw a sadness that made my heart ache for him. I also saw the love he had for his son.

As I watched this little guy I realized that I want whatever it is he is having. He had me completely captivated. His joy was tangible. Nothing hindered him. He was unaware there there is an entire world of sounds around him. Nor did he care in that moment. Whipping around, smiling and pushing the boundaries was his goal.

I want to live a life unhindered by expectations. I want the joy of the Lord to be my strength. I want to live a full life. I want to have a heart so full of the beautiful things and people that there is no room for longing. I want my soul to soar and be captivated by the littlest things. I want to run around a room smiling and bringing joy to others.

They say once things are seen they can’t be unseen; or once they are said they can’t be unsaid. And both of those statements are true, but what if I make the thing seen simple, beautiful joy? What if the things I say are joyful? Then the joy is shared.

Now, i realize that not every moment is perfect. Not every situation has a joyful moment. But in allowing those things to hinder me then I am giving away my chosen joy. I’m then exchanging my joy for a lackluster existence.

So this week as I embark on returning to school to finally finish my degree I am challenging myself to find the joy in all situations. In early mornings, in homework, in classwork, in possibly being the oldest person in the room. All of it has joy. I challenge you too. Find joy, seek it in everything you do, share it with everyone you meet. Challenge others to embrace joy. Lets make one of the best things people say about us “They are joyful.”

It’s contagious!

Leave the germs in the Drs office and simply share joy.