Art and Heart

Is it me or is the Proverbs 31 wife like a biblical superhero? An early rising, instinctively capable, and well… kind of perfect. Right?

Well, my perfection must have gotten lost in the mail because I don’t seem to be able to locate it. However, in its place is a big heart for making others happy, joyfully serving my family and screwing up but trying hard.

In the search for my inner Proverbs 31 wife I realized she shines through each day. No, she doesn’t look like the ancient wife described in proverbs, but I think I almost like mine more. She’s attainable. She’s wacky and resourceful. She’s me.

I’ve learned that at the very heart of the Proverbs 31 wife is a desire to serve God and her family the best that she knows how. She, like me, has a purpose and passion for her life. She’s a template to the wife that I should be, but not a mold that can’t be adjusted to show my heart.

In her book A Million Little Ways Emily Freeman tells us, encourages us, and helps us to discover and cultivate the art that God, the Creator, created us to make. If you’ve seen my Facebook post about “Biblical Pictionary” and my lackluster attempt at drawing you will understand that my art is not drawing. But Emily isn’t referring to art as simply being drawing or painting, though they are extraordinary gifts that I do not have. In the way that my Mom would stick an Oreo out to baby Zack to get him to walk, God put Emily’s words into the deepest part of my soul to find my art, a crumb at a time.

So, what is my art? I have operated under the assumption for most of my life that my art was simply being a Mom and a wife like the Proverbs 31 wife. That my “gifts” were laundry and raising MOGITS. I still believe that my art is in those things, but I have discovered my art is also writing. No, I am not a great writer nor do I ever really see myself as being extraordinary at it, but it makes me happy. It brings joy to someone.. I hope. Writing helps me come alive and verbalize the things I have seen and experienced; the good and the bad.

My art of writing also helps me to cultivate my inner Proverbs 31 wife because my art is a gift (even when I don’t feel gifted) and with it I can give back to God, to glorify Him. I’m going to keep raising my MOGITS until they are grown, and I will keep on doing the things that my home and family require, but I feel a sense to allow the art of writing find its place of purpose in my life too. The ever talking child has grown into a woman with some things to say and purpose to fulfill.

Do you know what your art is? If not, I highly recommend getting ahold of Emily Freeman’s book. It might take you on a journey that is difficult, but it will definitely take you on a journey that is worth taking.

See, all of it comes back to God in the end. The Creator created me to create, the same as He created the Proverbs 31 wife to abundantly care for her family. Neither she nor I could be who we are without Jesus. Perfection is far beyond either of us. Only He has that key, only He can fill that place of missing perfection mail. Only He will have my words to share. At the end of the day the best I can do for anyone, including myself is give it all to Jesus. Rest in Him and know that He is God.


My sad little nativity.
My sad little nativity.

2 thoughts on “Art and Heart

  1. Jimmy

    I was so interested in this topic. I spent years doing what I thought was my art I am now entering a new season wondering if I get another art to share. Thank you so much for sharing. Your art has caused me to examine my beliefs about my art or arts.


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