Wisdom From The 12 Year Old

Two mornings a week I get up early to get the kids out the door for school. This morning was one of those mornings. Auto-pilot is the name of my game, really it’s too early for anything else.

So I woke the kids and returned to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Noah came bouncing out shortly after I slithered into the kitchen. While buttering my two slices of pumpkin spice swirl bread and thinking about my day’s to do list I realize I am hearing a familiar sound. It was the sound of kisses being blown at me.

I don’t know how many kisses were thrown my way before my head caught up, I just know that by the time I connected and blew one back he had his hands on his hips and said to me “I was determined! I was going to keep blowing kisses until you blew one back” So sweet.

This caught me as I returned to breakfast making. Isn’t that how God is with us? “I’ll just keep sending them love and eventually they will notice and send it back.” We’re content to butter our bread, make to do lists and be totally self consumed.

If we are to be self consumed then we really have to be Jesus consumed. All that we have and all that we are is because of Him.

James 1:17 says: Every good present and every perfect gift comes from above, from the Father who made the sun, moon, and stars. The Father doesn’t change like the shifting shadows produced by the sun and the moon.

So if our lives are gifts then why aren’t we thanking Him? Why aren’t we blowing kisses back so regularly that they make our to do list? Our lives are lined with His love. Our days might not be a reflection of what we think is perfect, but they are a gift nonetheless. We might not see the beauty in our messes, but our lives have a big bow wrapped around them as a gift to us from the Father.

So lets make our lives the kisses we blow back. Let His love be seen in all that we do. Lets take the time to share that love and have that be an act of worship to the One who gave it all to us!

One thought on “Wisdom From The 12 Year Old

  1. James

    what a great observation. Look at him being all wise and he didn’t even know it. What a lesson to learn. I will most definetly be paying more attention to my blown kisses.


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