Running Into What I Know

We all have roles within our homes and within relationships outside our homes. I am a SAHM, but I’ve been looking for a job for over a year now. When we decided to move here I had told Jim that I would like to work to relieve some of the pressure off of him. This was something I wanted to do for him, not anything he asked me to do. He likes me being home to care for our family as he knows that is where I love being. My family is my heart and I have loved every second of being home with the kids (if you know me then this is no shock to you).

Lately I have really struggled with the fact that Jim is still having to work because of my inability to find a job. We pray, I seek and just nothing has come up. Finally yesterday I had a meltdown about it. We cried together; he hates when I am upset. He reminded me that God will put me where He wants me and right now He wants me home. I so needed this reminder! So thankful for Jim knowing my heart and reminding me of what I know.

On lap two of our run tonight Jim commented that he wanted to reflect for a second on the fact that we had just run the bridge, which at one time would have had us huffing, and neither of us were winded. I was thanking God for that when I felt in my spirit Him tell me “Teri, you will run when I am ready for you to.” I knew it wasn’t about running, I do that everyday. This was about working. When He is ready for me, I will go.

Am I the only one that struggles with being impatient with God’s timing? Please say no. I realized out on the run that our journey with running has been more about obedience to Him and less about outcome. Consistency has never been a strong point for me and yet out of obedience to what I felt I was being led to do I manage to be consistent in this one area of my life.

I don’t know where He’ll have me running to or for, but I do know that He will be in whatever I invite Him into. So that’s my plan: I will keep running this course until He tells me to run a new path. I’ll do it in obedience and joyfully.