The Mythical Man

As you scroll through social media on any given day you will come across at least one post about how good men are non-existent or taken. I know mine is taken, but I believe there are many still out there. Problem is if the woman seeking the “good guy” isn’t a “good girl”. If you want a do boy, but don’t want to do anything yourself then you will surely end right up back up where you were with the loser that left you crying and wondering where the good guys are.

Consider this: the Golden Rule applies to romantic relationships just as much as they do friendships and acquaintances. True story. The kind of spouse/partner you are reflects in the kind of spouse/partner they are. Sister, I know we all want Prince Charming who rides in makes life beautiful and perfect. If only that could happen. No matter what social media tells you, no matter how many books you read or how perfect your friends’ life may seem- they all had to work at it.

My marriage is wonderful. It wasn’t for many years; smiles covered hurts, nearly every night we went to bed either mad or crying, or both. The man that stands before me as beautiful, loyal, Jesus loving, driven, compassionate man is not the man that stood there 10 years ago. I wasn’t who I am today ten years ago either. We worked at it. We got a divorce (whole other story), we had to have our butts spiritually kicked, we had to be fully broken and rebuilt. So, when I tell you that I know, I really do!

So let’s talk about this mythical man. The one that is a perfect gentleman, hears everything, is always patient, never ceasing to love you and care for you. He exists, but not in the form we’re looking for. Did you see who we described? Jesus is the perfect man. The rest are just as flawed as we are. He is the husband we all long for. He is everything that we would want in an earthly mate.

Picture yourself as a puzzle piece. All wonky and odd. Your husband or future husband is the other ridiculously shaped piece that fits you with a unique perfection. Each of you have your own desires and dreams, but if you work at it you both can be the mythical creature you’ve dreamed of.