Random Acts, It’s Your Choice

This past week I went to get the boys one afternoon, it was raining so I was holding an umbrella for me and one for them. A boy in Noah’s 5th class asked why I had two umbrellas so I told him the plan. He then wanted to know why I didn’t have three, one for each of us. Noah proudly says “Oh, because she gave mine away to a Mom and baby one day when it was raining really hard and they didn’t have one.” The boy stared blankly at me, very confused. He thought for a minute and then asked if I gave it to them because it matched their outfit. I explained that no it was because they needed it more than I did and it was the only one I had. He just did not understand why I would give away any at all.

Honestly, I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry at this exchange. The 11 year old boy knew nothing of giving to others. Of sharing what God has blessed him with.

So, I say let us all be givers. Let us all be the examples. Clearly the message of being a blessing isn’t making it everywhere yet, so lets try harder! Do good. Share much.

The Mama I gave the umbrella to was stunned that I cared. I didn’t know her and odds were I’d never see her again, but she knew she was loved. Love people!

We really have two options: loved people, love people or hurt people, hurt people. Which way do you choose to go?

One thought on “Random Acts, It’s Your Choice

  1. mr. bbg

    There is nothing that makes me prouder than watching as you give up yet another umbrella to someone in need. Your poor hair flattened for the glory of God. It is the most awesome sight ever!


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