Encourage the Encourager

I was reflecting over the past few days on my role with my friends. I strive daily to be an encouragement to my friends. It’s just who I am. My best friend is one too and I am so thankful because she keeps me grounded and loved.

But, I was thinking just because I have someone to encourage me, the encourager, doesn’t mean we all do. I am sure each of us can think of someone that we go to when life is hard and we need to be built up. Have you pictured who you go to? Now, do you encourage them? Or is it your friendship a little lopsided? I never want to take and not give. Do you?

Rich relationships flourish when both parties share their hearts and love. Let others know how special they are, that you’re thinking of them, and you’re there for them. Do life with others.

Here are a few quick, but very special things you can do to be an encouragement:

1. Send a quick note “just because.” We all love getting mail that is not a bill, be that special mail.

2. A short text reminding them they are loved is very effective at helping them to have an awesome day. “Good morning sunshine” goes far beyond the morning.

3. Be giving; give as many hugs as you can! Hugs cost nothing but replaces so much.

4. Care less about time constraints and more about spending the limited hours being the best friend you can possibly be.

5. Remember that the friend that encourages you needs to be loved and encouraged too.

Be a blessing.


One thought on “Encourage the Encourager

  1. James

    I loved this post I find in my own life that I don’t encourage others as much as I would like. I thought some of your suggestions were helpful and quick ways to be and give encouragement. I will start with you. I thank you so much for your blog postings. I look forward to your updates and find them to be not only helpful and uplifting but fun as well. Thank you for being an encouragement to the online community that you know and the people you will never know because they learn and grow in the shadows.


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