Hands, Feet and Heart

We had Subway for dinner tonight. The sandwich artists were not particularly speedy and they needed to restock many of the containers as they went. The girl in front of us ordered 4 subs and then we ordered 4 subs, so the woman behind us was in line quite awhile. So long that by the time I was paying her simple two sandwiches were done. Yeah, we paid for hers. It was the least we could do for holding up the line so long. She was so thankful and sweet! Give me a big hug and told us how much she appreciated it and that she’d “pay it forward”- I pray she does. The lady behind the counter mentioned that she had never seen anyone do that before. That hurt my heart. This world needs more nice people! More people that care less about themselves and more about others. More people stepping up and being the hands and feet of Jesus. We didn’t do it so I could come here and tell you, but because kindness is so important. It needs to be shared and experienced. I double dog, no triple dog dare you to find a way to share extra kindness today and everyday. Jump in with your hands and feet and for extra measure… your heart. Be a blessing!

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