An open letter to my “son”

Jim and I have two boys: Zack is 14 and Noah is 11. They are my biggest blessings, my beautiful things and greatest joys. I love having boys! Life is always an adventure around our house. With two sons comes many friends. Jim and I have somehow turned into the “adopted” parents for some. I love all these kids with my whole heart. So today is an open letter to my sons and the sons of my friends. 

Dear Son,

I know as you get older life in your head gets weirder, your perspective on things is getting skewed and it’s all confusing! I want you to know it’s okay. Even girls go through this stage, albeit a little differently, but the confusion is still there. There are some things I want you to know before you step over the threshold that you are so excited to skip across.

1.) Pray before, during and after you make significant decisions.

2.) Remember your actions have speakers attached and they say more than your mouth ever could.

3.) Your words reflect your true intentions so choose them wisely.

4.) I know you live in an extremely visual world, but that doesn’t mean you have to look at everything put in front of you, be intentional about where you eyes are.

5.) To be a man of integrity you must have friends that are men of integrity, choose your friends wisely.

6.) Never be afraid to ask the people around you to pray for you. It’s the most powerful gift anyone can ever give you.

7.) No matter what bad choice you make in your life you can be sure of two things: God still loves you and Jesus went to the Cross for you.

Remember you are loved and prayed for daily.

Grace and Peace,




I’m an aunt again, number 7 arrived this morning! (Congratulations to my step brother Trever and his wife Kristen) My sweet new nephew’s life got me reflecting on my own life and my purpose. His new life came with a prewritten story. God gave him a mission and an earth suit to complete the plan of his life. So special we all are to the Father for Him to hand pick us, write our lives and give us the tools we’ll need to make a difference in this world.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I often wonder what it is that I was sent here to do. I don’t feel exceptional at anything and yet I have to be because He is exceptional. New baby boy, like all of us, has a gift. Some are more tangible than others. Sometimes we just don’t see our gifts though the world does. Whatever our case is, I pray we find and do the will of God in true obedience with a joyful heart.

Here Goes Nothing….

While I can’t prove my suspicions about how miraculously my Mac was fixed with the promise of my starting this blog, but I am pretty sure it had something to do with it. Can’t say for sure though.

I’ve been praying a lot lately for guidance as to what I should post about. I have no plethora of knowledge in one area or another. Faith, family and humor is about as far as my spectrum goes. I have faith, I love my family and if you’ve spent any time with us you know that humor is a main ingredient in our lives. Likely I’ll be doing a lot of “sharing my heart” on different subjects.

I have no goals or expectations for this blog other than to give it all to God. I pray that my words encourage everyone and that our crazy life makes others smile. I have no interest in being where He isn’t.

Psalm 19:14

Let the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing in Your eyes, O Lord, my Rock and the One Who saves me.